Organic & Fair. That’s Ben & Emma

Ben & Emma, based in switzerland, is not only another new shop out in the endless World Wide Web! We not only sell clothes to you. We see us as friends to all people on this planet – doesn’t matter if it’s a cotton farmer in Inda or a happy mother in Europe. We want to provide everybody with a better live and a greater future. And for that we only have to change small things in your life. We provide you with sustainable, fair produced and organic products. And we are always here to help you!

Our Mission

There are a lot of organic shops out there. But we searched for years to find one we also could trust!
Exactly thats our mission. We are a shop which provides the clients with the truth about the products.
We work every day hard to get the informations we need of our suppliers. Because we want to be sure about all dacts we promise to our clients.

Our Stories

We started our career in the financial field and with different Non-Profit and Non-Government Organisations. While we were speaking about all the hazardous chemicals in the cotton production we decided that we have to support the change – because all lifes matter. Thats how Ben & Emma was born!

Our Approach

We analyse all our supplier with a catalogue of questions and give them in the end a rating which decides if we would like to stock them or if we have to refuse. In our rating there is not only the approach of being organic. We also rate if its fair produced without childlabour and if the fabrics are sustainable and fullfill more than only the minimum standards. This process needs a lot of time and is not fast and without fees – but we believe that it is the right to do! We care!

Our Philosophy

We are all friends. That’s our philosophy we live every day. In fact we are sure that building strong partnership with suppliers helps to show them the advantage of organic and fair production and to build up a strong relation to our clients gives us the power to fight every day with new motivation against the poverty and the harmful cotton production. We believe if we stand together we will change the world and save many lifes!

It is time to start comparing in other dimensions. It’s time to start comparing the facts and not only the price of all products we buy every day. Because there will be one day when we do not have anything to buy anymore if we will not reduce our habitude to pollute the earth as we do it now. Together we can change a lot – and it even doesn’t need much when we start together!

We would like to get questions and feedbacks from you! Let’s have a talk.