How to choose age-appropriate toys


You find so many toys out there and all have their own “age recommendation” on it. But what are the needs of a baby and toddler a toy should fulfil? We guide you through the toys jungle and help you to select the right ones.


Newborn up to 6 months old
Right after birth, babies are not able to grasp anything – they discover the world with their eyes and their ears. This means, anything colourful and bright as well as noisy will fascinate the little ones! As soon as they can grasp things, they also curious about different textures and mouthing everything possible. Ideas of toys are:


6 months up to 1 year old
In the second half of their first year, babies get more active and start mastering motor skills. This enables them to play with a completely new kind of toys – so exciting! This kind of toys may include


1 year up to 2 years old
Now as they walk around and get more mobile, children become adventurer and explorers. It is the perfect time to support your child’s development with educational toys such as


2 years up to 3 years old
Older children start testing their skills with jumping, running, throwing as well as climbing – it will be a tough time for parents… You can advance their basic skills with more difficult toys and soon the imaginative play will begin too.

  • Blocks with letter / numbers
  • More difficult puzzles
  • Hand and finger puppets
  • Play household items
  • Play scenes
  • Card games for children
  • Storybooks
  • Tricycle (don’t forget the helmet)


3 to 6 years old
After the age of 3, children begin actively to play with each other. Now it’s time to develop their social skills and guide them through the difficulties of sharing, listening, and doing what another child wants to play.


As you can guess, the toys do not differ much anymore. Only the difficulty rises. There are puzzles for children under 2 and puzzles for grown-ups – they only differ in the difficulty. In general, when buying toys, there is nothing wrong to buy a more advanced one and help your child playing with it. You will support its development through this challenge of solving something difficult or playing with something trickier than before.

We learnt, that the specialized toys shop around the corner is a big help in choosing the right toy for children – they know all about it and will help you if you are in doubt.

If you challenge your child, make sure to not frustrate it with something too difficult and let it alone with these feelings. He / she might not know yet how to handle them.

We wish you happy playtime!
Ben & Emma