How your children will brush their teeth – without any argue


In most families, brushing teeth is a challenge as children start whining and/or complaining. But brushing teeth twice a day is a habit which will make sure that your child will not have serious problems later on in their life.

It is important to develop in the early life a good dental habit to implement this routine into their life. We tell you with the following tips how you can make this process easier.


Let Your Child Choose
Children like the feeling of having the chance to choose between something rather than being assigned to something. Give your child the control over choosing the color of his/her toothbrush. As it is important to use age-appropriate toothbrush, please pre-select the suitable ones. When they can choose freely, they will be more motivated to use them and start brushing teeths without any moaning.


Make Brushing Teeth Enjoyable
We all know that. If something makes fun, it is an enjoyable activity. Play your child’s favorite music while he or she brushes his or her teeth. Brush while dancing to the song or bring your child’s most beloved stuffed animal or doll to serve as “audience”. Playing with the child’s imagination and incorporating it into the brushing routine can make the experience to an evening event which will never be missed any longer.


That an activity becomes a habit, it should be done around the same time – every single day. Create a schedule which works out with the timetable of your little one to support creating a habit. Brushing teeth should be done on time, as it strengthens a child’s brushing habits. And when he or she brushes his or her teeth straight after dinner, he is motivated to not loose time complaining and rather go playing afterwards.


Rewards are appropriate
People, especially kids, respond well to rewards. This is why you should give your child a treat for being a regular brusher. You can make a chart that tracks their brushing habits, whether they brush without complaining or when they brush without being told or reminded.


It is a family activity
Brush your teeth together with them. You can control them, help them and it will be kind of family tradition that the whole family brushes together its teeth. Sounds like fun.


Be a Role Model
If you want to teach your children, it is always a great way to be a good role model! If you show your children that even the parents brush their teeth twice a day, they will understand, that it is something normal and everybody does like that.


If you have a personal trick, let us know! We will be happy to get new inspiration.
Ben & Emma