Children and animals


Animals are always around children – from the picture book to the house dog, they are always surrounded by animals. And teaching how to treat animals is an important lesson with positive effect for their whole life. Read more about children and animal right here 🙂


Empathy training
To take care of a pet and treat animals in a good manner, helps to develop empathy and kindness. Kids learn how they should treat somebody weaker than them – and finally also adapt this behaviour to relationships between friends, family and themselves.


Teaching by example
The best way to teach respect and kindness for animals and in general for treating other beings is, to be a good example.

  • Never say your dog “shut up” or “stupid dog”
  • Spend time with your pet and integrate it fully into the family
  • Play every day with the dog
  • Don’t use sentences like “I hate cats”
  • Don’t kill the spider and rescue all little animals came into your house


Caring activities
Show your kids that it is fun to regularly engage helping animals with empathy-building activities such as:

  • Help your local animal shelter and volunteer with your kids
  • Build wild bee houses
  • Clean the forest right next door
  • Make discovery trails with your children
  • Educate them to live in a sustainable manner and to take care of the environment
  • Read books which support age appropriate education.


There are a lot of ways how you can teach your children – but being a good example is always a great solution!
Ben & Emma