What diaper rash is and how to treat it


It breaks a new mum the heart; seeing her baby’s skin covered with this red and painful diaper rash. But it is not a reason to feel guilty – most babies will have diaper rash at one or another point in their early childhood. Moreover, it is usually pretty simple to treat and clears up within few days. What causes diaper rash, how to treat it and when you need further assistance – all of these questions will be answered right now. Enjoy reading.


The causes of diaper rash
Most time a baby has diaper rash, it is simply because of wearing all the time a diaper. Skin irritation will be the result of the diaper rubbing on baby’s skin (especially when there is stool or urine making it worse).

Another common cause is an infection of the skin. This happens, when the skin is already irritated and the pH levels of your baby’s urine (it’s absolutely normal) changes, through stool or, less common, yeast infection. Last one might be candida which is bright red and occurs sometimes after the baby had antibiotics. This may also pass via breast milk from the mother to the child. In this case, see your doctor.

Last but not least, your baby might also have an allergy on the diapers or any other baby care product you use. Further, new foods or food changes may also cause a rash. As long as it is getting better, everything is fine. If the rash does not get better or clear up, see your doctor to find the possible reasons.


How you can prevent a diaper rash
Change the diapers frequently and as fast as possible when they are soiled or wet. Make sure that your baby’s bottom is dry – excepted baby cream. Do not fasten them too tight – it might cause chafing as well. Choose diapers, which are free of fragrances, dyes and other additives which can cause allergies on baby’s delicate skin.


How you can treat diaper rash
With a few easy steps, your baby will be fine soon again:

  • Check their diaper frequently and change frequently
  • Do not rub when cleaning their bottom
  • Apply an organic diaper rash cream


If the rash does not clear up within 3 days or gets other symptoms as fever or diarrhoea, please see your doctor for further assistance.

We wish you good recovery!
Ben & Emma