The first day at school


This day is a milestone in your childs life! It’s the start of new friends, learning things and having a completely new schedule.

But this day may also be a bit scary for your child. Because of that it is important to prepare your child in an appropriate way for this first day at school. This preparation includes a big variety of activities and things you can do to ensure a great start.


Talk about it
Explain your child what he/she can expect from the school and how the first days will happen. Speak about the feelings and draw a positive picture of these first days


Walk to the school and back
Like that, the way will be familiar and he will see the school already before the first day.


Meet some other starters
You might know some families in the same situation – go out and play with them together. To start school having already one friend is way easier for your kid.


Teacher’s name
Speak about school and what is coming – especially mention the name of the teacher whenever possible. Like that, the teacher will be more familiar. 🙂


Buy school supplies
It is exciting to buy all the supplies needed. If possible, let him choose the school bag by himself.


How to be independent in basic tasks
Teach him long time before going to school how to dress / undress himself, go independently to the toilet and wash / dry his hands. This will provide your child with the knowledge that he will be able to master all these challenges at school without you.


As he/she will learn to read, to calculate and other things, it is important that you support your child and show that learning (and especially reading) means fun. This attitude towards learning and reading can already be implemented in early stages of development. You can read here how to implement reading in your child’s development.

We wish you all the best for the first day at school!
Ben & Emma