Why you should have mummy friends


It is exciting when you become a mum. Everything is new, overwhelming and a lot of impressions. But it may lead to your own isolation from the world out there – because your little one needs so much attention and brings you a lot of things to do. But for yourself and your well-being, it is important to maintain old friendships and build new ones.

Being a full-time mother means being most time alone at home or walking in the park. Of course, your little sunshine is with you. But he is not yet a great choice to have conversations about god and the world. Many of your old friends will be happy to meet you sometimes for lunch or coffee in a restaurant – often it ends up, that they will take care of your baby and you have once in a while time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake without being interrupted 5 times. Sounds great, isn’t it?


But what to do, if you moved to a new area and don’t know anybody?
A great option is, to join some mum-circles. There are a lot of mums with small children drinking coffee together, talk about everything going on and just relaxing for a while knowing that all others are in the exact same situation. It is also a great way to find later play partner for your little one. Having a friend since early childhood sounds awesome – and indeed it has many advantages for the development of your baby. Through meetings with other babies, they learn in a later stage of their development to socialize themselves. From taking care of each other up to sharing the same toys – many skills we need our whole life.


Here are some ideas, where to meet other mums:

  • Zoo, museums for children, etc.
  • Libraries with children corners
  • Mother-Baby-Classes
  • Playgrounds
  • Invite other mums for playdates.


Just start a conversation with other parents and you’ll see how it is going and if you are on the same wave. Moreover, many mum groups and other activities take place regularly; this means, you’ll see the same people more than once.

Ben & Emma