How to raise your children environmentally conscious


Before having children, you might not think that much about the future and about what will come. Everything is a little bit easier and less scary. But this will change – with your children growing up.

A sustainable lifestyle is not the same as an environmental activist who goes demonstrating every Saturday. Especially when you have a family it is more about learning how we impact our environment and how we can start living reducing our negative impact. And of course, teaching sustainable habits to our children – the future of tomorrow.


Here are some ideas, how to teach children about a sustainable lifestyle:

Lead by example
Children like to mimic the behaviour of their parents and role models. Being a good role model can implement sustainable habits. Only telling them but not acting like said will not have any impact.


Take time to explain why
Your children are curious about the world – so tell them why. Choose age-appropriate language and tools to show and explain why sustainable living is so important. Be careful with showing pictures – it might be that the photo of animals dying because of plastic is too much for him/her.


Listen to them
Listen what they are telling, and why they do something the way they do. You will learn a lot about them and discover a high participation in living sustainable and protect animals and the environment.


Engage with the nature
Every child sees the nature on TV but not every child has the change to actually experience the nature with their family. Have a stroll in the forest, searching for interesting things, planting trees or collecting garbage at the local beach. All of these activities mean having fun and building awareness within the family and even beyond the family through telling friends and family about it.


Collect rain water
Searching for a crafting project with your kids? What’s about rain water collection to water in the future your garden during dry periods? It’s quite a lot of work and it will get a bit messy with the kids helping you; but also, fun when later on watering the plants with the collected water.


Buy local food
Educate your children to buy local food and go to the farmer next door rather than to the discount supermarket. Buying at a farm can also become a family tradition and a great event when observing the cows and the chicken running around.


Avoid single use products
All the single use products are bad for the environment – that’s probably clear. So rather wash the dishes after the next family reunion than buying paper dishes and throw them away. It also teaches your children to do so in the future!


How are you teaching your children being conscious about the future? Tell us your own way to show them what sustainability means.
Ben & Emma