How you’ll not get sick when your children are


Washing hands
Everybody is telling you this tip about washing your hands frequently. But it really does help to avoid getting ill. It may reduce the chance to catch the cold of your child up to 50% as research showed. A quick rinse doesn’t count; at least 30 secs of scrubbing is needed!


Create off-limits
The kitchen table might be the preferred place coloring things or to play with his / her toys. But as bacteria survive pretty long on surfaces and finally make everybody else sick, it’s better to create some areas in the house, where your sick kid is only allowed during special time; e.g. lunch & dinner time. Especially the fridge door is a great place to share germs with the whole family – so rather bring your child the food it wants than risking to get yourself ill.


Wash your laundry with hot water
It is ecological and a great thing to wash your laundry with cold water. But when somebody within the family is ill, switch to hot water as it is proven that fewer bacteria will survive the washing and therefore infect less likely somebody else.


Reduce cuddling time
That might sound a bit unrealistic and difficult to manage. Nevertheless, try to reduce the contact as much as possible. Do not misunderstand us, we don’t suggest to put you or your child under quarantine – just to reduce the contact a little bit. Being ill means being side-by-side. But there are different activities, e.g. story telling does not mean a lot of cuddling etc.


Do not share
We are teaching our children all day long to share toys and all the stuff. When he / she is sick, it is a bad idea to share the same cups, toothbrush, toys, foods etc.


Your kid’s toys
When your ill kid plays with the toys and you put them away, you’ll got in contact with the virus and/or bacteria and should wash your hands. As soon as your child is healthy again, wash the toys as good as possible to avoid re-infections.


Take care of yourself
Last but not least, take care of yourself. Make sure to drink enough, eat healthy and get enough sleep. You’ll be able to prevent getting ill when taking care of yourself too and not only of the other ones.


Good recovery and good luck
Ben & Emma