Parenting Hacks, for when you finally reached your destination:


When you finally reached the hotel, the biggest part of the journey is done . But there are some more parenting hacks for being in a hotel. Here we go:


  1. Be carefull with tap water

If the tap water isn’t safe to drink, you’ll need to boil, filter or sterilise your own or buy bottled water. If you plan to use bottled water to make up formula feeds, aim to get the lowest mineral content you can. Make sure the children don’t drink from taps, including when brushing teeth. Keeping a bottle of drinking water by the sink is a helpful reminder. Drinking water from the tap can cause serious illnesses in some countries. Talk about this with your children.


  1. Eating out

When eating out in countries with poor sanitation and hygiene standards, always eat at busy places where the turnover of food will be fast, and avoid buffets: they’re notorious for harbouring the bugs that cause diarrhoea. Listen to your instincts if you are not sure about a place!

Here you can read more about how to get your children trying new food!


  1. Fix a meeting point in advance

In each new place, do not forget to fix a meeting point in case anyone gets separated from the group. If it’s likely you’ll be in really dense crowd, promising a reward for staying together works as a good incentive. Another idea is to write your mobile number on the arm of your toddler while visiting busy and overcrowded places like Disney Land.


  1. Give your Child Control

Sometimes it can be a great idea to give your children control of their own immediate environment. Sometimes something as simple as giving your child a specially designated camera to let them document their holiday, can help keep them distracted for the duration of your trip. It can cause a level of pleasant distraction that will take some of the pressure off your shoulders and it will also gift your children a feeling of independence that they often crave.


  1. The days may be too long for your child’s feet

A buggy can be useful on holiday even if your child is already walking like a little champion. Because when heading out for sightseeing on a enormously hot day it might be more exhausting for your little one then you think. The buggy will provide you with a less stressful day! If your destination is unlikely to have paved paths, it may be worth investing in an all-terrain version.


  1. Creating Memories which will remain

Apart from taking photos, there are many ways to help your children preserve memories of your trip. When they are older, let them choose a postcard for every destination and write one memory which is special to them on the back side of the card. For younger one it might be a pretty cool idea to collect small things like stones on which you can write what they liked the most.


  1. The + Point for your toddlers which they tend to remember for a long time

Local toys are often worth seeking out, and make great gifts to take home. Apart from the novelty value, kids tend to like playing with the same things that local children have, and it can help them making friends.


Enjoy your family vacation with our parenting hacks and have a nice time.

Best wishes
Ben & Emma