The value of family traditions


What do you remember the most from your childhood? Yeah – the routine things you did during all your childhood – over and over again. Doesn’t matter if it was camping every summer, cooking all together Friday or just having breakfast all together. We will explain you the value of family traditions today.


What are family traditions?
Traditions are more than just normal routine. It is something, which brings the family together and strengthen the bond between all family members. Often, traditions pass from one generation to the next one. Long story short, family traditions are regular events which brings the family closer to each other.


Why everybody should have family traditions
Traditions within a family provide the children with a feeling of safety, a family identity, comfort and eventually with long lasting memories. Family traditions also help to keep the family united and create a bond which will last forever.


How to set up family traditions
Family traditions do not have to be huge, long lasting events. Probably they’ll be more effective and successful over time, when it is something simple and does not take too much time. And don’t be sad when a tradition is going to be replaced – like everything else in life, also family traditions might be changed over the time.

If you are thinking of implementing a new tradition, talk with relatives like grandparents or uncles and ask about their traditions during their childhood. Further, you may also speak within the family and create all together a new tradition.

You are completely free! If it is doing sport all together or that dad makes breakfast every Saturday – the range of traditions is endless. Just keep in mind, it should be fun for everybody and bring your family closer to each other.


Ideas for family traditions:

  • Dad’s breakfast day
  • Cooking together
  • Weekly game night
  • What we learnt today at the dinner table
  • Create a family journal
  • Family time capsule
  • Camping weekend
  • Crafting together
  • Monthly Mum – Dad date
  • Bedtime stories
  • The birthday hat
  • And a lot more when searching through the world wide web 🙂


We wish you a lot of pleasure creating your own family tradition!
Ben & Emma